Parkville Police Station

Sunday January 22, 2017

Parkville Police Station - Hin Lim Photography

155 Royal Parade, Parkville

Client: Yuan Feng Shi and MAP Architecture
Project type: Heritage Impact Statement

The Parkville Police Station is recognized to be of heritage significance at a State level, as a rare example of a police station of a residential scale and character built by the Public Works Department of Victoria in the 1870s. Metropolitan police stations of this period tended to be more substantial, and the smaller scale of the Parkville Police Station is more consistent with country stations. As part of a proposal by its owners to redevelop the site as part of a residential complex, Peter Andrew Barrett prepared a heritage impact statement, which assessed the impacts of the proposed development, and put in place recommendations that have been adopted by its architect, MAP Architecture, which have minimized impacts upon the heritage building.

Peter Andrew Barrett

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