Queensland Building

Sunday January 22, 2017

Queensland Building - Hin Lim Photography

84 William Street, Melbourne

Client: Henkell Brothers
Project type: Commissioned history

The Queensland Building, situated near the top of a rise in William Street, was built for the Queensland Insurance Company in 1913. Its architects, Butler and Bradshaw, designed a building of beautifully carved stone ornamentation on a well-proportioned and imposing façade. The Queensland Building, with neighbouring Scottish House and the Australian Club, form a group of three majestic Victorian and Edwardian buildings that line the east side of William Street south of Little Collins Street. The elegant façade of the Queensland Building reflects the grandeur of the period in which it was built, when Melbourne dominated the commerce and trade of the nation, and the city was the capital of the newly formed Commonwealth of Australia. The history, with early photographs and original architectural drawings, forms part of a historic display in the foyer of the Queensland Building.

Peter Andrew Barrett

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